Thursday, December 18, 2014

Week 50 ~ #dailydowdypic

I can't believe it is December 18th already! Kinda makes me a little sad ~ This month has flown by! I can't wait to be done with school and enjoy what's left of it!!!
Day 345 ~
MD did her solo with the choir at Bustlin on Broad ~ she ROCKED it!
Love that she never gets nervous...she just lets it fly and is herself! :)
Day 346 ~
Dalton and I had a date night...which consisted of finishing our shopping...
We have ONE gift left to buy...and HE is getting I am officially DONE!!! :)
Day 347 ~
Jackson's first basketball game!
He had so much fun and is really learning the sport!
We were so proud of him!
Day 348 ~
A table full of cuteness after church!
Day 349 ~
My picture did not load...and to be honest...I am too tired to figure it was a meme about exam week...enough said.
Day 350 ~
Headed to Augusta AGAIN with DDD ~ we forgot an IMPORTANT gift for someone who means so much to back we went! We stopped for gas and he used a glove to avoid germs...God love him...
Day 351 ~
Mary Dalton baked treats for her class! She LOVES baking!
(and then I would let her go to school bc we have had a MAJOR flu, strep and virus outbreak!)
This is me today ~ giving exams...
I seriously wore the mask and gloves ALL morning! Yuck!!!!
I sent FIVE high school students home with temps over 100 and had 4 others out sick!
I am planning to keep my two out the rest of the week...I hate they will miss their parties...but I am TRYING to keep everyone well! I think other than family Christmas Saturday...we are staying AT HOME or at the farm for the next two weeks!!!
Loading up on vitamins, trying to get enough sleep and washing hands nonstop...
good times! ;)

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