Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More Christmas Fun ~

Tis' the Season to be BUSY but we are enjoying it!!!
Mary Dalton had a field trip to Augusta to see The Christmas Carol ~ AND they went to Golden Corral...she was pumped!
Thursday night ~ we went to Bustlin on Broad and she sang her solo again  ~
She did a great job...not nervous at all! Love that girl!
We went to DQ after she sang and we are in LOVE with the chocolate peppermint blizzard...it is worth every single calorie!!! Delicious!
Friday ~ Jax skipped school and went with Sooz to ATL to get Susan-Laine ~
Mary Dalton went to a sleep over and then to dance...and the parade ~ She was BUSY!
Saturday morning Jax had his first basketball game ~ he got a rebound and did a good job! We were so proud of him!
There's none sweeter than these two ~
Susan-Laine went with us to the game...
Jackson is SO SO SO good with her!!!
Jackson was also super excited than Flat Stanley came back! Stacey was SO sweet and took great care of him! He came back with a hanging head from a piranha attack! ha!
After the parade and game we started our Christmas cookie baking!
While they worked on that ~ I worked on a list and invitations for our Christmas Eve Brunch...we haven't done this in several years, so we are so excited to have our family and friends over on Christmas Eve this year!
Sunday we went to church and took Razz with us ~ she was not feeling well and did not appreciate being left in the nursery...MD and Jax stayed with her and she seemed to cheer up! ;)
We came back home and decorated the cookies ~ it took them TWO HOURS! I didn't have to do one thing! It was heavenly!!! Now ~ there was LOTS of tasting and licking...these cookies are for CLOSE family only!
Seriously ~ could not love two little people more...
Mary Dalton's cookies ~
Jackson's cookies ~
And then came make up work ~
He worked for an hour and got caught up from Friday ~ in his drawers! ;)
We were going to go to a drive through nativity ~ but decided to STAY HOME! We made homemade pizza and everyone was in bed by 9! I was kinda disappointed we didn't go, but we have SO much going on these next few days I am glad we opted for REST!
We have exams this week and a full schedule ~ Christmas is less than 10 days away and we can't wait!!!

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