Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Ramblings...

As you can see from this picture, the boys had themselves a good time while MD and I were at dance comp! Jackson even talked his Daddy into jumping with him! :)
Jax said, "Mama, I see why you married Daddy...he is way cool!" ;)
They spent Saturday hunting and then went to Athens with Big Daddy to a hunting sale. Jax stuffed his shirt and put on Big's glasses!  They had a fun time and made sweet memories for sure!
Both kids are somewhat under the weather and are on antibiotics...coughing, stuffy, ear aches...we are ready for spring!!!
We are headed on an adventure later this week and we could use ALL the prayers we can get!!! The place where we are going recently had a NOROvirus outbreak! YIKES!!!! I have packed all sorts of cleaning stuff and am going to disinfect best I can...but please Lord keep us well!!!
I am still LOVING my timehopp app ~ Can't believe 4 years ago Jackson was JUST learning to read!!! Missing 3 days of school means TONS and TONS of make up work and tests for my two! We worked for 2 hours last night on it and will work again today and Sunday when we get home! I knew that this day would come...when it is easier to be at school than skip for a trip! I told Dalton this may be the last hiatus we take until the are old enough to figure out make up work unassisted!
We are looking forward to our time together and praying for safe travels and good health!!!

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