Monday, February 9, 2015

Dance America 2015.,.

We had our big dance competition this weekend! We left on Friday and headed to ATL!
I think MD was more excited about going to Swank than dancing! Ha!  Sooz gave her some money and she bought some fancy smanshy gypsy earrings! 
We got the hotel and the girls hit the pool!

We had to be there at 7:30 Saturday morning but these girls were ready to go!!! 

MD did a musical theater dance to Ring a Them Bells...she was stunning on that stage...not that I'm biased or anything...and did a great job!

She placed 3rd but didn't qualify for DOTY this year...she did last year. There were some REALLY talented dancers! I was proud of her and although she was disappointed she handled it with grace. It's one of those crappy lessons in life...we win some, we lose some!

Her jazz group got a 2nd place. Tap got 1st and production got an overall high score ir the day! 

Most importantly, she had FUN and got to spend time with her sweet friends doing what they love!

She swam about two hours last night and we had room service before bed. She was in dance classes all day today and had a fun time! I love our special weekends together! She's growing up SI fast so I want to savor everyday because they're flying by so quickly!!!

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