Thursday, February 26, 2015

Week 8... #apictureadayin2015

Day 50 ~
This sums up how we feel by Thursday ~
TIRED and ready for the weekend!!!
Day 51 ~
Dalton took the kids to the coast for the weekend and I had a LONG overdue night out with some of my favorite ladies!
Day 52 ~
Cleaned out my took ALL DAY but I finally found a use for a bottle of champagne from our honeymoon and a 200 tray from our wedding! :)
Day 53 ~
I missed these two like CRAZY!!!
It was soooooo quiet with them not home!!!
We picked them up in Statesboro and ate pizza before heading home!
Day 54 ~
We were soooo hoping for a snow day...we got cold, yucky rain instead...but we had cornbread in my new cast iron skillet! :)
Day 55 ~
Homemade pizza night is always a favorite!
Day 56 ~
Sweetest sandwich ever made.

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