Monday, March 2, 2015

Best. Winter. Break. Ever.

I am pretty sure that the last time I had a 4 day weekend I deemed it as "The best break ever" ~ but I LOVE a 4 day weekend...especially when it involves a MONDAY at home!
Our break started Thursday after school when I came home and put on my PJs at 3:45...THAT is a good afternoon! I snuggled on the couch with MD and she declared that I was old since I had my pjs on before dark! ;)
Friday morning we got upi early and headed to the Dr ~ Jackson had his well check and we also talked to her about some medicine to take daily for his migraines. We got a new medicine to try and I am praying this prevents them! He has had 4 in 8 weeks! Everything looked good as far as his well check...he was 95% in height and 70% in weight ~ BMI was 22! He's in good shape! ;)
After his appointment, we loaded up and went to Augusta! We were thankful for sunshine after WEEKS of rain!
MD and I wanted sushi ~ Jax took his chicfila in and ate while we had sushi
We picked up several new things to decorate with for Easter ~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE's my favorite holliday so I was excited to get a few new things to decorate with! We made a pit stop by Cold Stone and then headed home!
Jackson hung out with Dalton after work and MD and I went for a LONG overdue pedicure and manicure! Love our girl time! :)
She made a cake Friday night for us to enjoy! She is getting really good at baking!
I spent Friday night sprucing up the house for spring!!!
I put up all the dark, fall things and got out some bright, fun spring things!!!
Love my new little sign from Kirkland's ~
We found this centerpiece at Hobby Lobby ~ LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
I will keep the bunnies out until May or so ~
They are my favorite!
Saturday morning we loaded up and headed to watch the Lady Jags play in the state game!!!
We won!!!
We enjoyed lunch before the game ~
Love my boys!
After the game, Whintey came home with us and we made a stop for ice cream to celebrate the win!
And this CRACKS me up ~
Out remote is not working and the kids are getting a taste of 1980! THEY are the remote and it is HILARIOUS! We only had 12 channels ~ if we were lucky ~ we have over 600 so it takes a little to scroll through! Maybe they will have a new appreciation for a remote! ha!

We were all WELL and in town so we enjoyed going to church together yesterday ~
MD had a make up dance lesson and we went to the cabin for supper!
In the midsst of all the fun we had a little re-arranging going on to ~
more on that later this week!
I have half a day left "off" of work and we are headed to the park to enjoy the day!!!

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