Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Moving on....

Well ~ I guess I knew it would happen one day...but I thought I had a while ~
MD moved herself into the guest bathroom about 6-8 weeks ago...and has gradually moved her things into the guest room. I wanted to move her when she was a teenager and make a big deal about redoing the room...but I guess now is as good as any time.
She's happy and that's what's important. I thought about taking pics in the midst of the "move" ~ Iam thankful I blogged about their rooms last year and got lots of pictures then ~
I loved this room. Teh window treatment and fabrics have been used since she was a baby ~
I guess that's partly why she wanted a change...but I LOVED this room. It was beautiful...so girlie and fun!
I loved the window seat in here ~ she loved to lay there and read when she was little...and it had GREAT storage!!!
 I loved the mural above her closet, too!
I did NOT love the closet doors ~ these dang things have given us fits since MD flipped into one when she was 7! ;)
This dresser was her changing table...
This is how she "moved" in the other room  ~
VERY gradually! She started sleeping in here...moved her TV, then a quilt, then a couple of animals, then her hermit crab...
Basically she was living in TWO rooms ~ which meant DOUBLE cleaning and finding laundry! I decided we would make the move "official" but not paint or get new furniture for a few years ~
We are going to make it work for a while ~ It took us about 2 days to get it ALL moved...
But she is in her new room.
This is the room she will sleep in the night before her first date.
The night before her driver's test.
This is the room where I pray she will NEVER have to cry herself to sleep over her first broken heart...because I WILL hunt down a boy and let him know a thing or two! ;)
This is the room where she will sleep the night before she goes to college.
The night before she gets married.
Can you tell it makes me sad a little???
Growing up too fast....
But as "mismatched" as it is ~
I love it because she LOVES it.
It's bigger, better windows AND it has a bathroom! :)
No more fighting over bathroom space!!!
She has a desk area to do her homework ~
And we filled the china cabinet with her goodies and favorite dolls and animals ~
She has great storage in this room and for TODAY it is WAYYYYY oragnized and clean...and that makes my heart all sorts of happy!!!
Excuse the raised lid!!!
I had just cleaned the toilet! ;)
The bathroom is kdna short on storage, but we will work on that over the next few years! I added her cabinet with baskets (again from her nursery) for extra room!
And her FAVORITE part?!?!
It has a walk in closet and my old vanity fit in the closet!!! She is in LOVE with this!!!
So ~ she moved on to bigger and better things...across the hall from her old room.
The room where I spanked her and returned her to her own bed more times than I care to recall.
The room where she had her first visit from the Tooth Fairy.
The room where she cried EVERY NIGHT before K4 because she "weally" didn't "wike" school.
The room where she said some of the SWEETEST prayers my ears have ever heard.
The room where she was SO scared to sleep without a night light, the closet light, bandit, and sometimes her brother in bed with her.
Moved to her "big girl room" as I called it when she was little. The "big girl" room across the hall.
She's got 8 years left with us until she graduates.
Eight years.
We have had her with us longer than she has left...
The "big girl" room ~ where she BEGS to sleep late.
Doesn't need me to tuck her in.
Would NEVER consider asking her little brother to sleep with her.
And a night light?!?! This chick wears a sequined mask to bed for extra darkness.
She's growing up ~and as sad as it can be ~ I am SO thankful that she is turning into such a sweet, young lady!
So ~ here's to the NEW room and NEW memories!!!

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