Monday, April 20, 2015

Savannah Trip with Dalton...

We just got back from four wonderful days in Savannah!!! I have said it many times but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Savannah! It is one of my favorite cities...if not THE favorite! Dalton had a conference with the county and I got to tag along! :)
We left Thursday after school and headed down! Although he was working, it was a great get away and we were able to eat some delicious food and unwind some!
We checked in around 9 Thursday night and not only managed to get an upgrade, but a suite with a balcony!!!
And let me say ~ if I lived in a big city, Open Table would be my favorite app EVER! We used this all weekend and never had to wait for a table! We tried ALL new places to eat and we were not disappointed...but I am sure the scales will tell the real truth in the morning!
It was super dreary and rained a good bit, too but we still had a blast! This was the view from our room looking across the rive to River St.
While we were away ~ the kids stayed with Sooz and Big! I got this Thursday night ~ around 10 pm ~ they were having ice cream in bed! Fun times! They went and picked up Sue-anna and Razz on Friday! They had a great weekend and loved being with their cousin!
(and they TOTALLY loved skipping school Friday and today! ~ we are ALL burned out on school right now, so a break was nice!)
Sooz' s birthday was Sunday and they decorated Dalton's old room and sent her on a scavenger hunt ~ they had gifts, cards and cake! Fun times!
MD LOVES to plan a party! :)
Friday I went to the new outlets ~ they opened the day before so it was pretty crowded, but I managed to get some great deals on summer stuff for the kids and Dalton a sports coat! Friday night, we had dinner with a company at Ruth's Chris ~ it was delicious! Saturday, Dalton had classes again and I walked around River Street and downtown. He met me for a late lunch at Vinny Van GoGo's and it was all of $11! Seriously! Pizza for $11 ~ and it was sooooo good!!!
Saturday night, we went to a cocktail party with all the attorneys and commissioners for the state of GA ~ it was great! They had a wonderful band and 5-6 different local places did the catering ~ a fun night for sure! Sunday there was a FLOOD!!! We slept in and pretty much hung out most of the morning ~ I leisurely drank coffee and caught up on my emails and read some...a rare occurance! We ventured out to Bass Pro and had lunch with some friends at Vic's on the River ~ excellent food! (see a trend!?!? ~'s all good!) Sunday night, we ate with another company at The Chart House ~ it was guessed it....good! :)
We headed home this morning and were back around lunch ~ I have been unpacking, washing clothes and getting ready for a short week! :)
This was the sunset from our balcony last night ~ too pretty not to share! :)
SUPER fun long weekend, but back at my house with my people is where I am meant to be!!! :)
  A HUGE thank you to Dalton's parents for keeping the littles while we were gone and to a dear friend who agreed to keep Rebel ~ We are going to get him tonight...we can't wait! We missed that little thing! :)

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