Wednesday, April 22, 2015

No Place Like HOME ~

After our fun weekend in Savannah, we were glad to be home with the children! We were SUPER excited when we realized Susan-Laine was in town and we snatched her right up and took her to our house! I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing these 3 smiling faces at my bar!
We made homemade pizza Monday night and Razz ate popcorn...she didn't care for pizza! ;)
Shhhhh..... don't tell her mommy she had a capri sun.....
It was a roaring water at least! ;)
Sister sucked it down like it owed her money! ha!
This girl ~ she has us ALL wrapped!
She was tired and ready for bed and I went in the den and she was letting Jackson rock her...
Seriously...I could have melted in a puddle.
Before we could take her home, I heard music and realized the snow cone truck was in the neighborhood! HOLY COW ~ these kids can't hear me in the next room asking them to do homework but the snow cone truck comes within 5 miles and they are waiting at the street!
Razz talked Jackson right on out of his snow cone ~
I don't think he cared one bit either! :)

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