Monday, April 27, 2015

Wild Adventures Field Trip

This past weekend was Jackson's class trip to Wild Adventures!!!
We loved this last year with Mary Dalton's class so we were pumped about going back!!!
His class is TINY!!! Only 12 kids, 3 boys! Being so small, they are very close! They had the best time together!

I was thankful my friend Shana was there! We travel well together and her little boy is one of my favorites!!!

This was right before I out him on a roller coaster and he said,
"miss amber....I like the ground way better than the sky!" Ha!!!

Jackson and I had lots of fun "in the air!" 
His favorite thing was the freaky bird cage where the birds fly over you...I ran in and took this picture before a bird landed on me and I said an ugly four letter word and RAN out if there...I HATE a bird!!! Whitney Sue went with us and she loved the birds too...
Sister here like her birds for us! 
She did find a bandit! ;)
We went back to the hotel and these cuties enjoyed the pool and hot tub until they shut us down!
Fun night!
Saturday we planned to go to the water park but a STORM came!!! We did manage to ride a few things before the bottom fell out!
This was their favorite! I got dizzy just watching them!
Sweet friends!
We left the park when the rain started and went to an indoor play zone...
Shana and her kids met us there!
Much better than being in the rain!
We got home around 7 and I was TIRED!!!! MD offered me a free spa treatment...a great massage! 
My boys got in bed for done cuddles and then I passed out...long weekend but super fun!!!
Thankful once again for our school and the memories my two are making!!! 

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