Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mary Dalton's Dance Recital

Mary Dalton had her dance recital on Saturday ~
We missed recital last year because we were on our Disney Cruise. This was our first recital with SDC since MD was 5 so we were excited! 
MD dances with lots of sweet little girls from our school ~ I pray she will always be SWEET to the little girls and a good role model. She LOVES Libby Anne! :) 
Mary Dalton & Marti Ann have been dancing together for 4 years now and they have made some WONDERFUL memories! I am BEYOND thankful for their sweet, precious friendship!
This year ~ they did a trio and these two can BRING some sass to the stage! :) 
This was their group tap routine ~ Hey Baby Let's Go to Vegas ~
Jazz routine was to "I Really Don't Care" ~
MD was excited to have a new costume to play in!
These are her "Go to Girls" at dance ~ She ADORES these 4 girls! 
This was my first time seeing the ballet dance and I know I am her mama, but my girl was STUNNING on the stage doing this dance! She was graceful and those LOOONNNGGG legs were BEAUTIFUL!
This was actually my favorite dance she was in! 
Her sweet daddy brought her some flowers after the recital!
They are pretty smitten with each other ~ 
It was a wonderful dance season and we have a few weeks off before we start technique and working towards nationals in July!
I am SO thankful for this sweet girl! 

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