Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Jackson's End of the Year Party

Friday was Jackson's end of the year party!
He has had a WONDERFUL year in third grade!
His class was super small ~ only 12 total and 3 boys!
They are losing two so they will be even smaller next year!
They are a VERY close group and act more like brothers and sisters than classmates! :) 
We have missed his end of the year party for the last 3 years because we are usually on our Disney Cruise so he was excited he got to take part in the fun this year...although it was NO WHERE near as fun as a DC! ;) 

Miss Christie has been a GREAT teacher for my two! When you have two kids back to back if you have a great teacher it makes for 2 fabulous years...when you snag a teacher you are not so crazy about...well...it is a long two years! I am SO thankful for Miss Christie! She is kind, patient, and she LOVES these kids and teaching! I am going to miss not having her as a teacher next year! 
These are the 5 that started K3 at TJA together  ~
They were the first K3 class at our school!
They are TRULY growing up together! 
Look out fourth grade ~ another Dowdy is headed your way! 

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