Thursday, May 21, 2015

Week 20 ~ #apictureadayin2015

Day 134 ~ 
SUPER fun day kayaking with Jackson! He outdid the juniors! ;) 
Day 135  ~
Recital Day and we could not be any more happy with this girl's dancing! 
She had the BEST time and did a great job! 
Day 136  ~
It was a Mexican Stand Off between Sunny and Rebel ~ 

Day 137  ~
Here's to FOUR more days of school ~ 
Day 138 ~ 
This is why we went to happy hour at Bone Fish...
and ALLLLL the teachers said, "AMEN!" 
Day 139 ~ 
Fun little project I helped my neighbor with! 
I love some decoupage! 
Today was my LAST day of school!!!! 
I have a meeting and a luncheon tomorrow ~ graduation tomorrow night ~ but I am DONE with the BIG stuff! 
My kids have been at the coast all week ~ the house is SO quiet but I have been getting all my school stuff done so I will be ready to PLAY starting Saturday!!! 
We are headed to get them and spend the weekend at the coast on Saturday ~ 
Perfect way to start our summer break!!! 

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