Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July Fun ~

Whew! We got back from MS and hit the ground running! I had to work at the school one day last week, took a day to unpack and put up laundry, a day to run errands and our week was DONE!
We were SO excited that Dalton was off of work on Friday and we could "play!"
Jackson found some pop rocks, a random balloon and an unopened bottle of soda and helped himself to a science experiment...
I could I say no when I teach science and all!?!? ;)
We enjoyed some LONG overdue pool time on Thursday!!!
Summer is FLYING by and I am trying so hard to soak up as much "down time" as I can!
Friday morning the 4 of us went to Augusta in two cars...which was perfect!!! The boys went one direction...girls the other! It was FLOODING and a nasty day so we enjoyed leisurely looking in a furniture store until the storm passed!
We also made a trip to Sam's which was an experience in itself! It was worse than the fair if that is even possible! We are looking into a COSTCO membership ASAP!
After the boys headed home, Mary Dalton and I made a trip to Starbucks and then listened to Christmas music...what?!?! It was raining, cold (to me!) and I had a Chai Tea so Christmas music it was! We enjoyed our 30 min drive home for sure!
The Palmers arrived Friday afternoon to spend the weekend!
Mary Dalton was excited to catch up with Lynley and talk about camp! They went different weeks but both know several counselors.
We spent Saturday by the pool and Jackson was trying SO hard to get away from Rebel ~ who REALLY wanted some chips ~ but it was not working!!!
Bathing beauties ~ these kids should be worn out!!!
They swam ALL weekend long!!!
Saturday night we went to the fireworks!
The kids played with glow sticks and had the BEST time ~ I had no clue glow sticks could be so entertaining in the dark!
Sunday we enjoyed MORE pool time ~
Rebel was loving on MD! :)
After The Palmers left, we went and got Marti Ann ~ they have a dance camp this week and we have to leave EARLY so we are taking days taking the girls to and from camp!
These two had the BEST time making a music video and making up 500 dances!
Love their sweet friendship so much!
Mary D. calls Marti her "ride or die" friend ~ she said, "Marti is just just have to love her."
How sweet is that?!?!
Makes my heart smile for sure!!! :)
We were blessed with friends, food and fun for sure this past weekend!!!
Other than dance camp Monday and Tuesday  we don't have any "major" plans this week! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can enjoy some pool time!

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