Tuesday, June 30, 2015

More of Mississippi ~

My two children have had themselves a BLAST the past few days!!!
We HAD to make a trip to the famous Dollar Tree and they bought some plain white plates and wine glasses...they decorated them with sharpies and we baked them ~ this $5 project kept them busy for HOURS!!! They turned out really cute! :)
Wednesday night, Mary Dalton went to church with Reagan and Jackson stayed and made cookies with Nana ~ I think he liked having her to himself! ;)
Thursday morning we started the day off RIGHT with donuts from the BEST place to get a donut EVER! Seriously ~ I am thankful I am 700 miles from this place! They are heavenly!
After we had breakfast we headed into Natchez to tour a couple of Antebellum houses. I have wanted to do this for awhile with the kids but wanted them to be old enough to
1.) behave
2.) remember what they hear and see
They were the PERFECT ages!!!
We went to the visitor's center and I let them see a picture/desscription of all of the houses and pick 3 to tour!
First up  ~
Longwood ~
We couldn't take pictures in the basement ~ this was the part that the family lived in...the Civil War broke out and the house was never finished. Mr. Nutt died and his wife eventually sold most everything they owned to pay for their children's schooling.  We could take pictures on the first floor and could not go on 2nd-5th floors ~ this house is MASSIVE and if it were completed it would be over 20,000 square feet! It had A TON of things that were original to the house ~ but we could not take pictures ~ furniture, bedding, portraits, toys, books, dishes...it was amazing!
This is looking up from the first floor ~ and to think this was ALL done by hand...
The ceiling was beautiful
We also got to see a box some things were shipped in to the family ~ my two thought this was pretty cool!
The windows on this house were HUGE!!! They were beautiful!
This is the original carriage that was used by the family ~
We left Longwood and headed to Rosalie ~ I had never been in this house and it did not disappoint!!!
Legend has it ~ if you ring the bell you will have good luck...let's just say Jax should be COVERED...he rang it many times and LOUDLY as he could!!!
This is the most beautiful house to me! It sits right on the Mississippi River and the grounds are stunning!!!
I mean ~ seriously...check out that tree...
The kids enjoyed playing around the house while we waited on the tour to start ~
We could not take any pictures in the house...but it, too, had many original things!
The beds in this house were huge and so pretty!
We left there and went to lunch under the hill ~ we were able to see The American Queen come in and dock
We had lunch at Magnolia Grill before heading back out to tour the last house of the day!
Stanton Hall...
This house is stunning! I guess I didn't appreciate all of the history in my home town until I moved away ~ the downtown area of our town is house after house like this!
The man that built this house wanted to "show" he had money and build something "massive" ~ check out the size of that door!!! Mission accomplised!!!
We couldn't take pictures but we ALL learned a lot! Mary Dalton is starting a Civil War unit when school starts, so this will give her a good foundation to "go on" when the time comes!
We had a super fun day being all "touristy" in my hometown!
After we came home, Jackson was DYING to learn to drive the lawn mower...
My daddy gave him a quick lesson and this boy was good to go! he LOVED it and and wants a lawn mower now! ha!
The kids got to stay with Nana and Pawpaw while I went to meet Dalton for a late anniversary weekend in Jackson ~ our old stomping grounds! ;)
They were SO excited and could not WAIT for me to leave!
They made cupcakes, went to the park, MD learned to ride the lawn mower, they fished and enjoyed the "Land of YES" for a few days! 

We were able to stay a full week in MS and I think we all enjoyed every second we were there!

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