Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weeks 26 & Week 27 #apictureadayin2015

Long time NO BLOG!!!
I wish I could say we have been off doing something all sorts of fabulous, but really we have just been BUSY!!!
I am two weeks behind on my daily pics so I am going to do my best to play catch up today!!!
Week 26 ~
Day 176
Dalton and I were able to enjoy a weekend get away in MS and celebrated a late anniversary dinner at Ruth's Chris
Day 177  ~
While we were in Jackson enjoying our weekend, the kids were in Natchez with my parents ~
They played a SERIOUS game of cupcake wars!
Day 178  ~
This is our old apartment and also were I met Dalton for the first time in February 1999!
Day 179 ~
We were back home after a fun week in MS and while we were unpacking, Jackson felt the need to bring his latest kill INSIDE to MD's room ~
Day 180 ~
I went for a run ~ haven't been running in a LONG time but I do some of my best thinking and praying while I run...both of which I have been doing a LOT of I came up the hill I saw these two nuts sitting IN the ROAD with their BB guns!
Day 181  ~
We were so glad to be home and had planned to swim, but rain set in so we made it a craft day instead!
Day 182  ~
Slow down sweet summer time...
Week 27  ~
Day 183 ~
Jackson found some things to do a science experiment!
Day 184 ~
The Palmers came to town for the Fourth of July!
Day 185  ~
We enjoyed our holiday weekend with friends and the pool...and Rebel of course! :)
Day 186 ~
After ONE YEAR of having our TV not work in bedroom, Dalton FINALLY got it working!!! I watched The Bachelor in my PJs and fresh sheets ~ perfection!
Day 187  ~
Mary Dalton attended an awesome dance class at her studio with a guest teacher. Macy danced with Dalton's sister and dances in NYC. She also judges dance competitions and travels all over the US. MD had a two day intensive class with her and had the BEST time! It also doesn't hurt her 3 favorite dance friends were there! :)
Day 187  ~
A trip to Cabella's (and Costco) ~ Jackson is DYING for a paddle boat and we happened to have Big Daddy's credit card/membership card to Costco so we snapped this pic of Jax in the boat holding up his card! ;)
Day 188 ~
Blake spent the night with Jackson and we went to Augusta to run a couple of errands ~
This is when I discovered these boys love Starbucks, too!
My kinda boys!
Mary Dalton leaves in the morning to attend YDA dance camp in Savannah. I am filling in at Dalton's office this week some and will hopefully get my classroom set up! I will go to Savannah later this week to be with MD and watch her perform Saturday night! The boys have an out of town trip planned, too! We are on the countdown for back to school ~ three weeks from tomorrow!!!
HOW did summer go by so quickly!?!?
We at least have vacation to look forward to!!!

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