Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Life Lately ~

Once again, Mary Dalton is gone! Jackson and I have been able to get his school supplies bought and his summer reading DONE ~ And allllll the mama's said ~ AMEN!!!! I HATE summer reading...and I am a teacher!!!  Anyway ~ it's DONE!!! 
Thank you Lord! 
I should add MD is only half way done and has 5 chapters left of her book she was assigned on the Civil War ~ I hope she finishes that up next week! 
The weather here has been HOT HOT HOT ~ this morning while I was out walking it felt soooo good! 73 ~ almost unheard of in GA in July...AND there was a breeze!!! 
Jackson has enjoyed his new gun and the scope that Dalton got him! 
He is hoping to get his first deer this fall! 

I am filling in at Dalton's office this week and ATTEMPTING to book our vacation ~ we were planning to leave next week...but looks like that may change! Flights are full or at horrible times, hotels are's soooooo not like me to wait until the last minute and I have learned my lesson for sure! 
The boys are headed to AL for a hunting show this weekend and I will be in Savannah with MD for dance...and hopefully being pleased that I FINALLY found a vacation and booked it!!! 

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