Thursday, August 6, 2015

First Day 2015

Well ~ The first week day of school is in the books ~ actually we have had a half day and a full day...178 more to go ~ #whoscounting :) My two were SO excited about school this year! Dalton cooked a big breakfast at Big Daddy came over to eat with the kids before their first day!
We have to be at school by 7:30 this year....which means we have to LEAVE not a minute after 7:05...I am sure we will be dragging in a few weeks but right now we are still in the honeymoon phase!

The yearly picture by our gate! They have gotten SO big!

Miss Priss picked out a Vera Bradley lunchbox and backpack this year. She loves a school supply as much as I do! ;)

Jackson bought a REALLY expensive backpack last year and we told him he had to use it for two years. He was fine with that and it still looks new! I guess you really do get what you pay for!

Off for our first day!!! Mary Dalton's class is literally 10 feet from my classroom door. It is SO nice to be with my children while I am teaching!

Dalton saw us off to school on the first day ~ the rest of the 178 days he will sleep until we leave...unless he is hunting.

Mary Dalton and her sweet friends Marti Ann and Whitney Sue ~
And can I add ~ LONG LIVE THE HAIRBOW!!!!
Fifth grade! We made it to 5th grade with the bow!!! And all the mamas said  ~

Jackson's teacher is new to our school this year and he is loving Miss Jessica! She is THE sweetest little thing ever! He is so excited about the year with her!

His class is TINY ~ 7. That's it.
They are really close though! The boys and girls all play together and sit together.

And then there's this crew ~ LOOK at ALL those boys!!! 14 boys and 4 girls in MD's class!
These 4 girls stick together but the boys have ALWAYS been so sweet to them! They look out for them for sure!

A friend of mine sent me these pictures ~ when you teach you miss out on first day photos because I am busy in my own classroom!

This is my senior class this year!
I am SO SO SO excited about teaching them! They are workers and give me 100% everyday so that makes it a GREAT classroom environment!

Day two was just as good as day 1! I have to say I am VERY excited that tomorrow is Friday and we have NO PLANS for the weekend!!! I got a feeling I am going to be catching up on my sleep!

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