Saturday, August 1, 2015

That's a Wrap ~ Summer 2015

Well ~ Monday is the day I officially go back to work!
This summer has not been one of the best as I mentioned earlier due to several things going on in our school ~ and when you go to a tiny's like a imagine family issues all summer long ~ #nothanks!
Anyway ~ even though I wish things would have played out differently and that would not have taken up so much of my time, I am VERY thankful that I was off for two months and got to enjoy time with my family...even though it was not long enough! ;) make me feel better and realize we really DID have a good summer I looked through instagram at some of my favorite pics from the past 2 months!
Our summer started with a trip to the coast!
I certainly had hoped to get down there more than once, but we never made it back!
We enjoyed our time there, though!
I also enjoyed LOTS of time with my favorite person in the whole wide world!
He really is one reason I wish I didn't have to go back to work!
We have so much fun when I am home and we can meet for lunch dates! :)
This was also the summer that the kids "found" the pond at the country club and decided it was more fun to swim in the pond than the pool!
Mary Dalton went to Winshape for the 2nd time and LOVED it!
We enjoyed a FUN weekend in the GA mountains!
Mary Dalton had a lemonade stand and sold cupcakes, too!
Jackson went to camp and was voted as the best "Hydro" member! This was his first time and he loved it as much as MD!
We took Mary Dalton to our favorite place to go on a date ~ Elements...and she now wants to go with us EVERYTIME we go!
We spent some time at the cabin ~ eating lots of good food!
We were able to go visit my sister in AL!
We spent a week in Natchez with Nana and Pawpaw ~  toured several antebellum homes, went to the creek and ate lots of snowcones!
Jackson hunted EVERYDAY ~ and killed way too many birds!
The Palmers came for a visit!
Mary Dalton went to a dance camp intensive at her dance studio for a week and had a blast!
We also spent a week in Savannah for YDA and more dacning!
Our summer eneded with a family trip to Texas!
I am thankful for all of our memories ~ good and bad ~ that's what we makes us! :)

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