Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 30 ~ #apictureadayin2015 & Summer's Ending....

Week 30 was the last official week of summer ~ and insert me sobbing here!!! We did have a GREAT week though!
Day 203 ~
Spent the day packing up and getting ready for our vacation ~ 4 a.m. came WAY too early!
Day 204 ~
We arrived in TX and toured The Alamo
Day 205 ~
high on my my "to do" list in TX was eat Mexican food ~ this place did NOT let me down!!!
Day 206 ~
Longhorn Saloon quickly became our favorite place in TX!
Day 207 ~
Mary Dalton was NOT excited that she had to sit by me on the flight ~ they both REALLY wanted to sit away from us and act like they were alone. I feel the love...
Day 208 ~
After TONS of laundry and unpacking I was able to read my book ~ still not finished, but enjoying the little time I left to read for fun before school starts!
Day 209 ~'s a good idea! :)
I LOVE to see a super cute classroom that is organized!
Day 210 ~ and so it begins...LESSON PLANNING!
I have to say that this has been a HARD summer for me. I have had a lot going on with our school and there are a lot of unknowns for us right now in our family. I feel like I spent 99% of the time I had off worrying about school related issues that I have no control over ~ and it's my fault I let it consume my time. I really don't feel like I even had a summer break! All that to say ~ after a major melt down this week I am trying to get it together! I am normally so ready to go back to school, but I could really use another a few weeks off!

And this came on my time hop and brought me to tears AGAIN!
HOW did 5 years go by SO SO SO fast!?!?
These blue eyed babies are growing up SO fast!!!
Our trip was so much fun, but I got all sappy because they are not going to want to go ANYWHERE with us in a few years...our time is short!'s been an emotional week for this Mama! :(
All that say ~ I can't get back the time I wasted worrying about something that was out of my control. The idea of 5:30 wake ups every day, driving to dance and football every day, homework, packing lunches, grading papers, etc kinda makes me want to crawl in my bed and assume the fetal position for a few days.  I know I will be fine come Monday morning when I am back at work bright and early instead of at home watching The Today Show and drinking coffee....I really do love what I do and when the kids get there I will be ready to roll ~ until then...I am going to soak up EVERY last second of FREE TIME I can!
Wish me luck...

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