Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cabin Update

I had sooooo hoped we would be done with the cabin addition by now...but I guess good things come to those who wait?!?!? 
Anyway ~ we are PRAYING we are 4 weeks out and I can see an end in sight!!!

Hands down my favorite part is the new is HUGE and I can't wait to drink my coffee out there!!!
The great room is 98% done...just a few things here and there...and the floor of course! 
(Dalton added that window in Jackson's "secret loft" Jackson LOVED it!!! 
Fun surprise!
The left side of the great room
Right side ~ We are thinking about rocking the wall that we keep...the left part will be knocked out to connect the addition with the old part..
the window is just for looks...
Our bathroom ~ 
SO excited about this!!! It should be tiled this week!!!!
Our bedroom ~ everything is done in here...just waiting on sealant for the walls. 
The AC man has been working, too!
View standing in our bedroom doorway ~ 
WHAT a view!!!!
The new loft ~ We will have 6 twin beds up here for the kids and hunters!
As excited as we are, I think this fellow is the MOST excited!!!! 
He loves going to the cabin to see what's been done! 
He can't wait!!!
And I can't wait for THIS to be my view...
More ~ hopefully LOTS  more to share next week!!!

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