Sunday, January 17, 2016

Weekend Recap ~ Basketball Fun

We had a great weekend!!! 
The kids both played hooky from school on Friday ~ the boys went to Helen to a turkey show and MD just hung out at home! After I got home, we went to Augusta to get her some new dances shoes! 
We came home and got in our pajamas and watched Mean Girls ~ the boys got home late and the boys were home about 11.  
Saturday morning, the kids had their first basketball game at our school....they only have 2 games so that makes it nice on the parents! ha! ;)
There are 16 boys on the boy's team ~ everyone got some playing time! Jackson has improved SO much!!! He did a great job!
Mary Dalton has 8 on her team so she had a good bit of playing time. She got some great rebounds! 
I think she had fun, but she is just not aggressive...she is much more into dance, make up, and nail polish. She was dressed like she was going to a fashion show...not to play ball! 
Love that girl! :)
A friend posted this pic... 2 for 1 ~ both my kids in one pic! :)
After the games, we went to the farm...Jackson is loving his waders and uses them every chance he gets!
They went for a spin in the boat! 
The weather was GREAT ~ I sat outside and watched them while I was a GREAT Saturday night!
Daisy is still doing well ~ she is SO spoiled! We have started putting her in the pen in the backyard some so she can have more room to play....and get used to being in there because when it warms up///she is moving out! LOVE her, but not her poop in my house!!!
I was looking at old pics this morning and found this one...
I hardly remember this at say my hands were full is an understatement! MD was probably 19-20 months and Jax was 2-3 months. She LOVED "waking him up" after nap time each day!!! She would climb on his crib and sing to him. So sweet!!!
And it's hard to believe that that baby in the bed will be TEN tomorrow!!!!
Where does the time go?!?!!? 

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