Saturday, February 13, 2016

Three Things ~

We have been CRAZY busy this past week!!! Here are 3 things going on right now...
Jackson ~
1.) would rather be with his Daddy at the farm than anywhere else...he is rarely home anymore...if there is a way to the farm...he's there.
2.) was so excited to win the blizzard at DQ this week! ;)
3.) Is going to a sleepover next weekend and he can' wait...speaking of sleep...he went to sleep in the car yesterday on the way home about 4:45...came and in and got in his bed fully dressed...and slept until 7 this morning...
Mary Dalton ~
1.) Has rediscovered how much she loves to read and has been reading in the little free time she has
2.) has been DANCING DANCING DANCING! Competition is this next weekend...she JUST learned her solo this week but she is confident she has got it! Can't wait to see her perform!
3.) Does her own hair (PRAISE the LORD!!!) and make up everyday now!!! She is SO grown up and SO much fun!!! (and the child is HILARIOUS...she keeps us laughing!)
Daisy ~
1.) is doing better at pottying
2.) LOVES to be with us...she wants to be a person so bad! ;)
3.) is learning to walk on a leash
Dalton ~
1.) is busy trying to finish the cabin up...this project is taking FOREVER and we can't WAIT to enjoy it!
2.) is going out of town this week and I so wish I could go with him
3.) has learned to make the BEST hambone soup EVER ~ he is making a huge pot this weekend and I can't wait!
Amber ~
1.) This picture sums me up lately...the SECOND I walk in I put on my robe and get my Daisy D. out to play!
2.) Is SO over cold weather, but I am PRAYING we have a snow day this week...there is a SLIGHT chance and I pray a blizzard comes...but we still have power of course! ;)
3.) Can't wait for our 4 day weekend later this month!!! I want to haul out the SPRING decorations and clean out closets! Two of my favorite things! :)
Soooo that's life lately with us! :)
Busy as usual!

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