Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Wrap was too fast!

HOW did the weekend FLY by!?!? ?Uhhh it was soooo fast!!! 
Our weekend fun started Friday with Valentine's fun at school ~ a sweet friend left me these homemade cupcakes on my desk...they were DELICIOUS!!! 
Another friend sent me this...and I HAD to share's true! ;) 
Friday night was low key ~ Jackson fell asleep on the way home after MD solo lesson and slept from 4 pm Friday until 7 am Saturday morning...he must be growing!!! 
Saturday morning we went to Augusta early to get our errands done...
1st stop was Chick Fila! 
We went to Hobby Lobby and Jax bought a drafting desk with his birthday money! 
We made a stop at Lowe's ~ we will find ANYWHERE to sit in this store...and the free wifi is a plus, too! :) 
We got home around lunch and the boys went to the farm and I took MD to the pecan plant (the shipping room to be exact!) to practice her solo for competition. She JUST finished it Friday and competes next Saturday...nothing like cutting it close!!!! 
This girl ~ 
She. Is. A. MESS!!!! 
We went to the cabin late afternoonish to see the boys and have a late lunch ~ 
We also wanted to check the SLOW progress...we are making a dent in it ~ it is just SO DANG SLOW!!! 
I know we will love it once we are done though!!! 
It was SO cold but these 2 stayed outside the whole time! 
We came back and got ready to go to a pig the freezing cold!!! 
MD and Daisy discussing the day's events....
I FINALLY got a good pic of Jackson's first quail!!! Our school MAY have a skeet team in the next few years and he is SO excited about that!!! Just like his daddy...he wants to be at the farm with a gun ready to hunt! 
The pig picking was FREEZING ~ when we got in the car, Jax was asleep again...he is somewhere under all that fluff...
Sunday morning, we went to SS and then to our school's Sunday dinner...I tried and tried to get a picture of the 3 I love the most, but MD was acting like a nut and Jax looks freakishly white/pale....this is the best I got. oh well...they did look cute! ;) 
I did get this cute pic of my girl who is growing SO fast!!! she is almost as tall as I am and is starting to "borrow" my jewelry, shoes, shirts, etc. more and more...
She is at SUCH a fun age to me! 
and my SWEET Valentine got me the best gift!!! 
Starbucks Giftcard!!! 
Woohoo for me!!! :) 
We have another busy surprise there! Dalton is traveling on business this week, MD has her last practices before dance comp, Jax has a sleepover and the boys are going to a Wild Game Supper at our church, school projects, and church...we should be busy!!! 

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