Sunday, February 21, 2016

Danza Dance Competition

This weekend was Mary Dalton's dance competition in ATL. 
We skipped school Friday so we could get an early start and do some shopping! 
We stopped by Dalton's office before heading out! 
We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory ~ our favorite!!! 
My student, Anna, went with us! She keeps the kids some, too and they both ADORE her! It was so much fun having her with us!!! 
After we checked in the hotel, we had Starbucks and people watched for a LONG time! 
When we finally went to the room, we "unloaded" all of our jewelry...this is all from me and MD ~ 
you might be a gypsy if....
that's a LOT of bling! 
We were out by 10 and up early Saturday morning to dance! Anna is SUPER talented and can do hair and make up like a pro so she handled MD for me! it was GREAT!!! 
MD is in Jr. Company this year~ they did a tap production with Company and won 1st place and a ticket to Nationals! 
Ready to tap!!! 
Up next were solos ~ 
I was SO super proud of MD!!! She did a GREAT job! She placed 3rd in her group and received a STARZ performer award! 
remember how I said Anna was super talented...
she made all 8 of these solo costumes WITHOUT a pattern!!! 
She is AMAZING!!! 
It was a LONG day but MD LOVED every second of it!
She loves SDC and all of her sweet friends she has there! 
So super proud of the young lady she is becoming!!! 

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