Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Weekend Ramblings...

Better late than never...our weekend was low key and just what I needed....too bad it's only Tuesday night and I am counting down until Friday at 3!!!
Mary Dalton had a dance sleepover Friday night, so she was gone ~
The 3 of us and Daisy went to the cabin and stayed for the LAST time before we officially are done!!!
(or so I hope!!!)
The walls are ready ~ they are laying the floor this week!!!
It already seems SO much bigger and we are "connected" on both additions now so it's one big happy cabin!!!
We slept like ROCKS!!! The cabin gives you the best sleep! :)
Saturday morning, DDD cooked us a great breakfast.
I went home and did laundry and the boys stayed to hunt quail ~
Saturday night we went out to celebrate Dalton's 40th bday!
We went to Elements and it was such a fun night with my favorite people!
And seriously ~ how GROWN does Mary Dalton look!?!?! I got LOTS of comments on FB and IG about her...no little girl here.... :(
We went to church and then the boys went back to the farm to hunt again ~
MD and I made some snacks for the Superbowl ~
While MD practiced dance, I took Daisy for a walk...I am trying to teach her to walk on a leash...
It is going SLOW but she's getting it!!! Poor thing is worn out after our daily walk!
MD was SO excited that Whitney Sue was coming over for the Superbowl ~
nothing like a selfie...that I will post on social media. I PREACH daily...don't take a picture of it unless you want the WORLD to see it...so her ya go world...
I enjoyed the GREAT food and girl talk with Clair ~ we didn't even watch the game or commercials, but enjoyed half time! :) It was low key, low stress and fun! :)
and....because I ALMOST forgot!!!!
Jackson killed his first 2 quail this weekend!!!
He is getting one mounted ~ he's well on his way to having a zoo in his room! :)
We have a SLIGHT chance of snow and I am SO praying that we have a snow day tomorrow!!!
This mama could use a day at home!!!

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