Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy 40th Birthday to Dalton!!!

Today, my favorite person turn the big 4-0! 
I remember when I thought that was SO old...not so much anymore! :) 

I truly believe that when God made Dalton, He made him for me. He is the best. 
I wish everyone could have their own "Big D." 

He never misses anything the kids ask him to attend...
whether it is birthday parties, recitals, boring baksetball games, pretend concerts in the playroom ~ this man will be there. 
He's the best. 
I have said this 1000 times before, but he is the BEST daddy to our children. 
I wish I could be as fun as he is! 
He loves to play and he is the kids' favorite playmate! 
He loves us...a bunch. 
And he tells us he loves us ALL the time! 
My 2 should NEVER question whether or not their Daddy loves them, because he tells them all the time and is very affectionate with all 3 of us.
He never passes up an opportunity to "go" ~ he loves for us to go and do things as a family. 
From major trips, to fishing tips, to just riding the golf cart...he loves for us to be together. 
He takes me REALLY fun places! 
I LOVE our time when we get to sneak away and it is the just of us...
It makes me feel like the luckiest lady alive to have him by my side! 
He teaches my children ALL sorts of things!!! 
Hunting, fishing, how to read a map, how to use cast iron, how to reload bullets, how to throw up in a trashcan so I don't have to clean it know...all the important stuff...he's got that covered! :) 
He really is a natural born teacher and I love to watch him teaching them things! 
He NEVER misses a "fun"activity for holidays! 
He carves pumpkins, takes them to see Christmas lights, hosts egg hunts, helps with gingerbread houses, cook outs, etc! 
I am BEYOND blessed in the husband department!  ~ 
and the children department, too!
I have got a fabulous little crew and I am so proud they are MINE! 
Big D ~ 
We love you more than you will EVER know!!!
You are hands down my perfect mate and I hope you have the BEST birthday ever and we have 100 more together!!! 
Happy Birthday Big D! 
We love you!!! 

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