Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up ~

We finished up Jr Pro Basketball this weekend...and MD's basketball career. ha! 
The 5th grade girls with Coach Susan ~ 
She is the SWEETEST and both of my children ADORE her! 
This cracks me up ~ these two were on the bench whispering and drinking their drinks...not a care in the world..
MD did a good job, but I think dance is more her speed! :) 
These two ~ hard to believe they are only 3 weeks apart! 
The boys had 16 on their team!!! 
Jackson did SUCH a good job at his good that I couldn't take pics because I was yelling!!! Hopefully, someone will post some on FB and I can share them later! :) 
He started and this group did so good!!! 
They lost by 1 point, but played a good game! 
He can't wait for next year! :)
After the game, we went to Heavys' BBQ ~ where Sweet Home Alabama was filmed! 
There are still several things left from the movie ~ 
The food was great and the weather was spring like!!! 
GREAT day!!! 
They had so much fun playing outside and looking at all of the old things on the property. 
Only MD ~ 
Jackson got a smores maker for his bday and after we came home they started cooking smores! 
They were actually REALLY good! 
The boys went to spend the night at Blake's house and we went and picked up Marti Ann to stay with us! 
The weather was great again on Sunday and these 2 played in the paddle boat, went to the waterfall, and talked Dalton into frying them shrimp! Fun day! MD had a private dance lesson late Sunday to get ready for competition in two weeks and we spent the evening getting ready for our week! We were ALL in bed by 9 that was a TREAT!!! :) 
We gotta rest up!!! 
Someone at our house is having a BIG birthday this week!!!!
Big D is turning the BIG 4-0 ~ 
and we can't WAIT to celebrate him!!! 

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