Friday, January 29, 2016

Jackson's Birthday Celebration ~

I feel like we have been celebrating Jackson's birthday FOREVER!!! 
We finally got to celebrate with his friends this week ~ everyone was well ~
Praise the LORD!!!
He asked 2 girls from his class, his best friend Blake, and Marti Ann & Whitney Sue
We went to Air Strike for a fun afternoon! 
The good thing about my 2 being so close in age is that they "share" friends! MD was just as excited as he was! :) 
There was NOBODY in the whole was kinda strange, but it was SOOOO nice!!! 
No lines means LOTS of jumping!!! 
We had an early dinner reservation adn had a few mins to spare so we walked down to Party City...and the crazies had a great time! 
Jackson picked Logan's for supper and these 7 kids were AMAZING!!!
They were PERFECT!!! They couldn't have been better behaved! 
We got back and I met one Mama at The Orchards and she took everyone back to Louisville for me ~ but they played about 30-45 mins while we talked! They played chase and hide & go seek ~ I think they had as much fun at there as they did jumping!!! 
It was a fun day wrapping up a big week for Jackson! 
Thankful for these sweet friends he has by his side! 

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