Thursday, March 24, 2016

Restaurant Impossible

Back in January, the 21st to be exact, my friend Clairissa called me about 3:30 and told me she had reservations for a restaurant in our neighboring county that was being featured on Restaurant Impossible.  I got dressed and off we went!!! 
I had never seen the show, but it seems like it is similar to Extreme Home Make Over. 
The name of the restaurant was BFE....
And if you don't know what that stands for, you probably don't want to Google it. 
(Mama, please take my word for it.)

The name was beyond tacky but it was accurate...we were in the middle of NOWHERE!!!
We got there at 5:00 and checked in.
They had us stand in line by number. We were second in line! It was FREEZING cold, but Clairissa works with Sysco and had been in contact with this place all week, so we left that line and went to the VIP tent with the producers and cast members...
This is Robert Irvine's private chef ~ I think his name was Darryl. Clair had been working with him all week on this top secret make over!
We got to meet Robert Irvinve...who I had never heard of, but really liked! He was a great guy with a big heart for helping others!!!
Around 6:30, they took us out for the reveal ~ the owners had not seen anything that had been done that week.
Ummm....ok. We will follow all your rules.
( we could take pics but couldn't post anything until the show aired!)
The new menu ~ 
The food was ok ~ the dessert was AMAZING ~ I am not a good person to eat out with...I live with a GREAT chef and his food really is better than most restaurants! 

We got several things and shared them!
They crew came over to interview Clair and I about lost it!!! 
You have no idea how hard it is to know someone is filming you while you are eating!!! She did a great job, especially since I was sitting across from her doing the ugly cry from laughing so hard!
It was a fun night and a great experience!!! 
I hope these people have a great success with their new busniess!

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