Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend Fun ~

Our Easter weekend was RAINY and RELAXING!!! This was the last "free" weekend we have until MAY so I enjoyed it VERY much!!! 
Friday night we were in bed by 9! It was PERFECT!! 
Saturday ~ I slept until 9 ~ Hello!!! 
We watched a Lifetime Movie and did a few things around the house before we went and picked up Marti Ann! The kids played at home and then we went to the cabin! 
Dalton was hunting, so we set up our egg dying in the kitchen.
These two ~ so thankful that they have each other!!! 
We dyed eggs, took Marti Ann home, and went to bed pretty early again ~
We woke up Sunday morning and checked out what the Bunny left! 

They are growing up SO fast!!! 
Of ALLLLLL the days ~ we had nursery. 
We had 12 one and two year olds. 
There is a paid worker, but MD and JAx got recruited to help, too! 
It was MASS chaos. I was sweating like a pig ~ 
We had one who cried for 40 mins. We could NOT get him to stop...
Bless his sweet heart...
I felt so bad for him and felt so thankful that my two are old! ha! 
Mary Dalton LOVES a baby ~ and she is REALLY good with them, too!!! 
She is going to make a good little sitter one day soon! 
After nursery ~ I went to Spring and got my first diet coke in FORTY DAYS!!! 
Ohhhh it was a long 40 days, but I did it! 
I will probably have a diet coke in my hand for the next 40 days! 
We are counting down to Spring Break!!!
4 more days!!!! 

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