Friday, May 20, 2016

More End of the Year Fun

Well ~ School's officially out for summer!!!
And my brain can't stop planning for next year...and I 'm sure my teacher friends can relate! ;) 

Just a few fun things from this past week!!! 

First up ~ 
MD had a decades project and was paired with Blake and Charlie...they had the 50's and were PRECIOUS!!! They taught the class The Twist, served coke floats, and did a presentation...
super fun project. 
Miss Jessica took Jackson's class to DQ for Blizzards! Her sister in law gave the class a gift card as a "thank you" for the sweet cards they sent while her twins were in the NICU ~ how sweet was that?!? !
Tuesday was MD's recital practice and it was the last time she will "catch a ride AG because she is so much cooler than you, Mama." 
I was excited I could help with Mary Dalton's class end of the year party! 
She has the sweetest class! 
And how fun is this!?!? 
Miss Jessica made ice cream for 4th grade...and it was the BEST vanilla ice cream I have EVER eaten!!! 
I am planning to make some this weekend!!! 
Today is the last day for teachers, but brain is on next year! I LOVE what I do, and I am excited about a a "Break" this summer, but looking forward to next year at the same time!!! 

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