Friday, May 20, 2016

Two is Better Than One

Last week, MD finally "cashed in" on her treat for her awesome grades and hard work this year. 
Jackson picked an Apple watch ~ MD picked getting her second hole. 
I told MD she could get it when she turned 12, but honestly...what is two months early??? 
She was a pro ~ hopped up there and did not even flinch ~ 
all in the name of beauty! 
She HATES a needle, but if looking good is involved...sign her up! 
and while she was getting her earrings ~ I notice this flashback of fun from 1993 ~ 
I wanted to buy one of every color...and I am not even lying. 
I loved a dang scrunchie! My entire gear shift was covered with them! 
and when I done admiring the scrunchies...
She was done! 
Anna Grace went with us! 
MD just adores her! 
After the mall, we headed to Target for a few things and some fun! 
She is convinced she made a great decision ~ because "two holes are better than one." 
Love that sweet girl ~ 

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