Saturday, June 11, 2016

Back from 4H and our FIRST Pool Day!!!

Mary Dalton got home from camp Friday around lunch ~ she had the BEST time and said that she may even like it better than Winshape! What?!? !
It's a third of the cost so sign up sister! ha! 
She made several new friends and enjoyed the week with Whitney Sue! 

Her "Milk Mama" was super sweet and MD really enjoyed getting to know her! (I asked why it was "Milk mama" and MD said because they give them milk before bed each night)
She loved getting to know the teen counselors, Brylie and Bethany, too! 
Their tribe won the Tribal Shield ~ I never did 4h, but apparently that is a pretty big thing! 
She was wound up as she told us about the week ~ she swam for about an hour and then was ILL ~ the girl was exhausted! She went to bed early and slept in on Saturday ~ she is now refueled and repacked for Winshape!!
Jackson LOVED Summer in the Son this week!!! 
This was from crazy hair day ~ he had to get his hair cut right after this...Leah was about to die when he walked in with red hair for his hair cut ~ thankfully it all came out!  
Jackson has been DYING to swim since school got out! The pool was officially finished late Thursday night ~ lie 11:45 pm late, but as soon as he was home Friday he was in the pool! 
We are trying to teach Daisy to swim and use the stairs! 
Two girls and their pizza...and a cute photo bomber! :)
Today, we slept in, ran a few errands, and made some homemade ice cream.
We spent 5 hours in the pool and it was pure heaven!!! 
Pool days with these two are my favorite days ~ We played pool chase, STAR, sharks and minnows, categories and ice cream ~ fun stuff!!! 
I know them wanting me to swim and play with them is going to end soon, so I am enjoying it while I can!!! 
(And Jax has a piece of the leftover liner on his head...why?!?!)
After we swam, we rechecked their packing lists and got together their care packages for camp. You leave them at camp and they pass them out each day ~ you just write what day you want them to have it! Our family and friends went OVERBOARD this year! I am embarrassed at how much my two will get! I guess that just means that they are very loved!!! :) 
I also got their counselors a treat, too! 
We leave in the morning and will drop Jackson off first, then take MD to her camp ~ they are about an hour apart. They both are very excited!!!
And just because I don't want to forget this ~ this was Jackson's snapchat ~ he was THRILLED Max's poop sprouted! ha!!! Love that crazy boy!!! 
We are headed to the cabin to cook ribs and relax before our early trip to North GA in the morning! 
Can't wait to hear about the fun I know that they will have!!! 

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