Wednesday, June 8, 2016

4h Camp and Summer in the Son

Mary Dalton left Monday for 4h ~ she was SO excited!!! This girl LOVES a camp...not sure what that says about our home life...I never really thought about it until my friend Carman said either our kids were trying to get out of our houses or either well adjusted and well rounded...let's hope the latter! 
Her friend Whitney was going, too!!! At Winshape, they don't know anyone so going with a friend was a treat! :) We met for lunch before drop off! 
Ready for the bus ride to Rock Eagle!!! 
This cutie is going to Summer in the Son this week ~ he is usually at a sports camp this week, but did this instead and has LOVED it!!! He is loving the "only child status" too ~ so much so that his Daddy hooked him up with a pair of Costas!!! 
The boys are also enjoying playing with Mary Dalton's yoga ball ~ this is her PRIZE possession, so while she is away ~ they are helping themselves! :) 
They've posted a few pics from camps this week ~ 
Summer in the Son 
I was THRILLED to see this on Tuesday! It does a mama's heart good to know her babies are alive, well and smiling! :) I can't wait to hear about whatever this is/was?!!?! 
This was from today ~ caption said that they were going to make smoothies! 
We are headed to buy Jackson's camp stuff ~ they both leave on Sunday for Winshape! We are PRAYING we will have a great Friday afternoon/Saturday by the pool!!! 
Can't wait to see my girl Friday!!! :) 

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