Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cabin Life

We are LOVING our cabin addition!!! We are VERY close to being done, so I thought I would share the latest!!! 
This is our NEW dishwasher...and all the ladies said, "AMEN!!!!" 
How we EVER survived without one is beyond me! 
And....a full size frige! This is a game changer, too!!! 
These two things have made our cabin so much more enjoyable! 
Dalton is still "tweaking" his bar ~ he plans to add glass shelves, but I REALLY like the wooden ones! 
We bought a sectional and it is working out great! Plenty of comfy seating for everyone! :) 
We pushed the old sofa over and still use the pull out bed when needed! You can actually see the TV from this couch so it worked out great! We also added two additional recliners to the is so cozy and comfy! We just love it! 

Nothing new in here, but I am still loving the bed Dalton made for us! I am hoping we can get new mattresses soon! 
Nothing new here,b ut I ADORE ~ I mean ADORE ~ this tub!!! We still have to add shelves for storage, but pretty much done in here, too! 
We are in the process of getting a spiral staircase built to go into the loft ~ the fridge will move where the ladder is now! The staircase will go in Jackson's loft. 
That's about it! We are planning on enclosing the porch and making a mudroom and moving the outdoor kitchen soon. We are so pleased with the way everything turned out and we love staying there! Everyone is on vacation and we are happy as we can be in our cabin! I am REALLY looking forward to this fall ~ I can't wait for fires, football, peanuts, and cool nights on the porch!!! 

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