Sunday, July 17, 2016

Annual Boys Trip to Birmingham ~

Dalton, his dad, and Jackson left on Friday for their annual trip to Birmingham for a hunting show. I think that this is their 3rd year and Jax looks so forward to this each summer! 
This year, he was able to walk around on his own and come on go on his own ` he was big time! :) 
Poor thing woke up Saturday morning with a migraine ~ that is the FIRST one he has had in two years since starting his medicine! I hope that was just a rare occurrence and they're not starting back up! After a rough morning, he was feeling better and they went out for lunch ~ They found a Jebco mailbox ~ Mr. Jeb is a family friend of ours who patented the mailbox ~ Jackson LOVES to find his "mark" on the boxes when we travel! 
Of course, they had BBQ for lunch!!! 
And sent me this cupcake picture so I would be jealous! 
Big was the victim of Snapchat when he fell asleep on the drive! ha! 
They had a blast and I know that Jax will remember these trips forever! Big gave him $50 for the show to spend ~ He wanted a knife that was $60. Dalton told him to talk to the owners and see if they would consider taking $50 for the knife he had been eyeing...and what do you know!??! They did and he is so PROUD of his knife...and his good deal! :) 

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