Friday, July 1, 2016

Lazy Week at HOME

We've so enjoyed a lazy week at home!!! Tuesday, MD went to dance with Anna Grace and I worked on her room re-do!!! She hadn't even seen the paint color...she was SO excited!!! We've still got some things to finish but we are almost done!!!
I've made TWO of these cakes this friend JJ shared this recipe and it is AMAZING!!!
We've had lots of pool time too!!! I'm SO excited we are HOME pretty much the whole month of July!!! I see LOTS of pools days in our future!!
We missed Whitney's bday last week bc we were in MS! We had her over last night for pizza and cupcakes! So much fun! We ADORE these two girls!
Their brothers are pretty cute, too!!!! :) 
They get along SO WELL which makes for a fun time!!!
Happy Bday Whooty!!!! Can't believe these two will be middle schoolers!
We finished Jackson's room today! I can't wait to post pics soon!!! We have family from MS coming tonight and we are BEYOND EXCITED!!! Lots of fun planned for our long weekend!!!

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