Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fourth Fun with MS Family

We had a GREAT 4th weekend!! Even short weeks in the summer get me all sorts of backwards...I have a hard time knowing what day it is! My niece and nephew from MS came to see us for the long weekend and we had the BEST time!!!
They got here LATE Friday night ~ We stayed up talking until 2 and then slept in on Saturday!
Elizabeth was like Dalton's little girl ~ he knew my brother and his family before he knew me and even kept his kids some! John Mark was 4 at the time and Elizabeth was just a baby!!!
Saturday, we went swimming and hung out at the cabin ~ nothing fancy but it was perfect!
Sunday ~ Elizabeth went on a date with a former student of mine ~ He found her through my FB page and then added her on several social media sites ~ He came and ate with us Saturday night, then Sunday we all went to the movie...but she rode with him! He was SUCH a gentleman to her!! !I PRAY Mary Dalton has this good of judgment when looking for a boyfriend!
We went to see The Shallows ~ MD watched through squinted eyes ~ she hates blood so a shark movie was probably not a good choice for her ~ Jackson LOVED it! :)
She did love the fact that Icees were FREE refills!!! She fell in LOVE with them at camp and she know declares this as her FAVORITE ~ or at least for this week!
More hanging out at the cabin ~ I think we napped daily...did I mention that it was perfect?!?! I LOVE a cabin nap!!!
Sunday night, we went to eat at McKinney's Pond ~
the 4th was spent in the pool ALL DAY LONG!!! SO much fun!!! These two played games and entertained my kids all day! Even Dalton swam with us!!!
We went to the fireworks Monday night and Marti Ann came home with MD to spend the night!

We were so sad to see John Mark & Elizabeth go, but we are HOPING they will come back ASAP!! Tuesday night brought a HUGE rainstorm...which lead to Jax getting stuck!! He just loves being at the farm ~ he wants to go every. single. day.
Tuesday was also the last day of summer dance for these two!!!
We spent Wednesday washing sheets, cleaning and doing laundry ~ with a swim of course! We are SO excited that we have MORE family coming!!!! My sister, niece, and her roommate are coming on Friday!!! My sister and I laugh ALOT ~ I can't wait!!!!

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