Sunday, July 31, 2016

The End of an Era

Well ~ after almost 10 years...the Pilot is no longer with us!!! It sure was a good car...and I was SO SAD to let it go!! I ran over something on the way home from MS and tore my oil pan ~ we patched it but it was a matter of time before it went out again....I knew I wanted a 4 Runner, but found the EXACT one I wanted at Jackson's teacher's family's Toyota place! They gave us a great deal on our trade in and a great we took them up on the offer and sold the Pilot. 
This was the car my babies rode in ~ I still had a paci in the glove box!!! :( 
We have had so many memories in this car ~ it was sad to trade it! 
Mary Dalton was not with us, but I made Jackson take a selfie with me one last time!!! 
See ~ sweet memories everywhere....
This was the car they rode in with their matching cow car seats. 
They car that Jackson PROJECTILE vomited in when it was less than a month old. 
The car that had sippy cups and goldfish crumbs in it. 
The car that took us on all our family vacations. 
The car that Dalton laid Jackson across the hood of and spanked him before church when he was 2 ~ because Jackson called Dalton a "Democrat" ~ he thought that was an ugly word...
The car that hauled diaper bags, strollers, etc.
The car that they watched HOURS and HOURS of movies in.
It was a good car.
I  loved that car. 
It did not take me long to get over my sadness and get into a NEW one! :) 
Everything is so clean and nice! The AC is amazing, I love having blue tooth, the back up camera is great...and the seats and amazing ....I literally had no lumbar support left in my car!!! The speakers are like being at a concert and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! 
As sad as I was ~ I got over it FAST!!! 
Can't wait to make new memories in it! :) 

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