Sunday, July 31, 2016

That's a Wrap Summer 2016

Well ~ another summer is  in the books! Just like's gone!!!! 
It sure was a fun one ~ We did lots of fun things...but not too much! We were home a good bit and I LOVED that!!! 
Here's a recap of our fun!!! 

May started out waiting on  a pool liner...we improvised and had a blast! :) 
This was the summer of "The Dab" ~ I swear...they "dab" all the time...just for fun, when they sneeze, when they say "yes mam" ~ they dab. 
A highlight for sure was our trip to DC!!!
Dalton was sworn into the Supreme Court and we were SO proud of him!!! 
We went to Air Strike a few times! 
Mary Dalton LOVED 4 h camp! 
Jackson had a blast at Winshape and won two awards for leadership! 
MD loved Winshape, too and also got a leadership award! 
Jax had a fun week at Summer in the Son! 
We went to Canton to see The Palmers and enjoyed a weekend of catching up! 
The children and I made our annual trip to see Nana and Pawpaw...and of course went to the creek! 
Jackson and  I fished more times than I can count...and he beat me every time! 
My sister and Emily came for a visit!!! 
Dalton introduced the children to "Huddle House runs" at 11:30 at night...
Jax drove "the green monster" ALLLLL over the farm...
John Mark & Elizabeth came to see us on the 4th! 
MD discovered than an Icee is the best thing ever invented....
We spent LOTS of time in the pool with friends! 
And then took those friends to the coast ~ 
Both children were busy with service projects with the youth group ~ 
And Jackson fished his little heart out ~ He learned to cast 2 or 3 new poles/lures...but I don't know enough to explain what that means....
We got to see this little priss and spoil her! 
and the boys went for their annual trip to a hunting show in AL ~ 
Summer 2016 ~ 
You were a fun one! :)

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