Friday, August 26, 2016

Mary Dalton's Birthday part 1

Better late than never...been a HECK of week but here is part 1 of MDD birthday ~ 
The fun started Wednesday night when Big Daddy brought over a gift!!! 
She was so excited to open on early! 
It was two cute mugs with stuff to make a "Cup of cake" ~ how cute is that?!?! 
We caved and let her open one from us! 
My girl LOVES a blanket like her mama! 
Thursday ~ Her sweet daddy came and checked out her two best friends and took them to lunch ~ 
He's the best. 
Thursday after school, she opened up her gifts from us! 
And got photo bombed by the yoga ball ~ 
She has been DYING for a UA bag for dance, so she was excited to finally have one! 
Dalton went to supper club and the 3 of us went to eat Japanese at her request ~ 
It was a fun day celebrating our girl! 

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