Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Happy 12th Birthday Baby Girl

My sweet girl is 12 today.
How is that even possible? 
Mary Dalton ~ 
11 was good to you sweet girl. 
You grew VERY close to Anna Grace, and it near broke your heart when she left for college. I hope you learned from her the importance of being a good role model and being a "big sister" to younger girls...
You are still crazy about your Daddy. You have him wrapped tight around every one of your fingers...and toes. I pray that you find a spouse that loves you like your daddy loves me! He is setting the bar HIGH for you ~ he treats you like a queen! 
You and Jackson are either laughing NONSTOP driving me INSANE or driving each other crazy. It's a day to day change, but I pray that you always have each other's backs and are close. 
These two chicks are your best friends. 
You adore them both and are super tight with each of them...
Yall are all 3 SO very different, but you love each other and embrace those differences. 
I pray you will always have close friends you can count on. 
You want to be a preschool teacher ~ you LOVE LOVE LOVE little children ~ and you are SO good with them! I love that you want to teach and I know if that is what you chose to do, you will be GREAT at it! Not to mention, you will be the best mama one day! :) 
You have matured SO much this past year. You would rather lay out with me and read than play Marco Polo with Jackson....but I make you play because we HAVE to have 3 people. You like to be with your friends, but you like to be alone. You are often in your room locked up, putting on make up, listening to music or organizing something...
You ROCK at school work. End of story. 
You handle your school work and excel at it. 
Work ethic will take you SO very far!!! I pray you continue to develop a good work ethic and keep up the good work! 
You love dance. 
You would go every day if you could.
You were named Jr Company dancer of the year and we were so proud of you! 
Your teachers say that you always give 110%. I love the passion you have for dance. 
Fashion is your other "thing." You ADORE a good outfit with accessories. I love that you are not afraid to be YOU. You don't care what others think of you and that is an AMAZING trait to have ~ especially as you enter middle school. I pray you will always have confidence in all you do. 
I LOVE that you can laugh at yourself. You rarely get upset and can generally see the good in a situation ~ you make fun of yourself and aren't too serious ~ You are so much fun to be around and keep us all laughing! 
And let's be honest ~ you are a beautiful little lady. 
But my favorite thing (other than that dimple...)is that you are pretty on the inside! 
Always remember ~ 
 "Pretty is as pretty does." 
And lately ~ you have decided that you like me and I am pretty fun! :)
You enjoy being with me and we have the best time together! I am so thankful for our relationship and pray that you will always come to me with your questions, problems, etc...
12 years. 
They have flown by and I am so thankful for each day we have had you in our lives. You are truly the little girl I always dreamed of.  You are my heart. 
Happy birthday Mary Dalton!!!
I love you more than you will EVER EVER know!!!

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