Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First RX of the School Year

Jax wins the award for the first Dowdy to be ion a Rx this school year! :( 
He has a HORRIBLE ear infection ~ like can't see his eardrum horrible. I felt SO bad for him!!! 
(he was really into posing!) 
They tested him for strep, but it was negative. 
We started on a Rx orally and ear drops ~ no swimming for 10 days. 
Bless his heart ~ he has been a trooper...I offered to let him stay home and he went to school....
where he proceeded to get in trouble by saying something ugly to a child who was making fun of another child...
thankfully, he was honest and owned up to what he said. 
Was I upset? 
Nope. It happens. Just be honest.
But he had a crappy day. 
Football was not any better...he felt bad and had to play a new position. 
I went up to tell him good night last night and he was reading his Bible. 
Bless his sweet heart. 
I love that sweet boy ~ bad days and all. 

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