Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Practice, practice, practice!!!

That pretty much sums up our weeks around here!!! 
Jackson is busy with football practice every afternoon from 6-7:30 ~ he is loving it and I am still begging him to wear colorful socks so I can spot him ~ 
Another mom posted this picture and I spotted him right away! 
White pants, middle of pic. 
Monday was Mary Dalton's first day at dance! She LOVES this so much! 
Love that she has something that she is passionate about! 
Stole this from the dance studio's FB page! :) MD would DIE if I went in and took pics! ha! 
This was from this past weekend when Jax was at the coast and we went to brunch ~ 
She LOVES all things fancy...JAx would rather eat cereal! ;) 
Half way though the week is a good feeling! We still have more football and guitar lessons to add in before Friday ~ homework, tests, and a project, too! 

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