Sunday, August 7, 2016

Photo Drop...

Lots of randomness on my phone ~ 

Yes mam ~ 
Dog. Tired. EVERY. Year. 
It honestly takes me about 4 weeks to get into the groove of waking up and getting out the door again...
I realized I never posted these!!! These are from last April ~ I have several more but this is my favorite! Those blue eyes!!!! 
(and they already look SO different!!!! ~ growing up FAST!) 
I put this collage together ~ a picture from every year...LOVE these babies...
and love these babies too ~ My senior class this year! Excited about teaching these kids and watching them grow and mature in so many ways this year! 
These 2 were a HUGE help to me at open house! They put away supplies as they came in and kept me organized! Teachers in training!!! 
Jax and Mallie worked the donation table for the elementary garden ~ being part of a small private school requires you to work ~ I make my two work every chance I can! They need to learn the importance of community, school family, and giving back! 
Some of my sweet teacher friends ~ looking forward to seeing them everyday this year! 
And this  ~
TOTALLY made my day!!! I am NOT missing this this year!!!! I have decided to take MD with me and we both are so excited!!!!! 
Solo sessions are in full swing and MD is loving her new solo! She is so tall that we have to practice at the plant so she has enough room to turn/leap/etc! Wish I had those legs!!! 
Randomness galore ~ but lately...that's how we do things around here! :) 

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