Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week 1 is in the books ~ 35 more to go!

Well ~ we survived week 1 of school! We got off to a great start and are trying to get in the swing of things around here ~ starting on a Wednesday with a half day helps "ease" us back in for sure ~ this week we will be WIDE OPEN ~ dance, football, guitar, meetings, homework, etc. I bet we sleep good! :) 

We started our first day back with our annual breakfast that Dalton cooks for the kids ~ this is the one day all year that they get a hot breakfast! 
We HAD to do our annual pictures by the gate ~ they have changed SO much!!! 
I ALWAYS take a picture of their backpacks, too! MD went for Vera Bradley again and Jax (after using his UA bag for 2 years) got a Sitka hunting backpack that he is using for his books! Both are VERY appropriate for each child! 
I have on a good 4 inch wedge ~ MD is as tall as me now ~ people are mistaking her for me in pics and at school ~ I tell them both that they may be bigger/taller than me one day but I will SMACK them down in a heartbeat! ;) 
Daddy got in on our pictures! 
Big Daddy came to eat with us! He sang his "School Days" song he loves to sing us on the first day each year! It wouldn't be back to school without Big singing to us! :) 
I didn't get many pics on the first day because I am busy in my own room ~ but the girls came in to ask me a question and I got one quick picture of them! 
Jackson's teacher has some family issues going on with her daughter and was out the first two days of school so this was actually taken on Friday, Miss Carol's first day. I subbed in his classroom Wednesday and Thursday during my planning and lunch and had the BEST time! Seriously! I can't even imagine teaching SEVEN kids all day!?!  Can you say  ~DREAM JOB?!?! 
They were precious and I had so much fun being with them! 
While I was subbing, I learned that Jackson did not know how to use a mechanical pencil sharpener ~ Thankfully Will was there to teach him how! It took them both, but the job got done! 
I am praying that this week goes smoothly and we adjust back into our school routine without major issues! 

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