Thursday, August 4, 2016

Back to School Through the Years ~

It's my annual "look how much my babies have grown" post ~ Gosh. 
It happened fast. 
Like super fast.
Jackson started 5th grade this week and Mary Dalton started middle school!

K3 and K4 ~ 
Be still my heart...look at Jax;s peach fuzz on his head...
This year was AWFUL for MD ~ she cried everyday...but we survived! Barely...but we made it! :)
K4 and K5
Growing up ~ almost as tall as the gate!! 
K5 and 1st grade ~ 
I know they are mine...
but they are so dang cute! :) 
MD as tall as the gate! 
1st and 2nd grade ~ 
Jackson was as tall as the gate ~ MD was over it! 
2nd and 3rd ~ 
Not sure where my pics were so I grabbed one off the blog ~ thank goodness for technology! :) 
3rd and 4th ~ 
WAYYYY past that fence now! :)

4th and 5th grade ~ I can't even tell you how different they BOTH look now!!! This seems like YEARS ago...they changed SO much SO fast!!! and course...way past the fence!!! 
5th grade ~ MD still rocking her hairbow ~ 
And this year ~ 
How mature did they get?!?!?! 
We do not have any little kids anymore! 
They both have had great weeks ~ we had a half day Wednesday and our first full day was today. I LOVE that we start on a Wed. with a half day ~ it gets you back into reality a little slower! 
I have some cute pics and will blog later with those! This mama/teacher is WORN OUT and 
headed to bed EARLY tonight...and counting down to a weekend at the cabin!!!! :)

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