Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, Dalton & I got a sitter and went to the cabin to unplug ~ there is no social media (or cell service) there and we were so excited to have time just the two of us!!! 
Our first stop was the grocery store ~ 
These apples were BEAUTIFUL and delicious!!! 
I have never seen apples so pretty!!! 
We bought our groceries and agreed to park our cars until Sunday! 
Friday night ~ we cooked steaks with crab meat gracy  ~
It was soooo good!!! 
We slept in Saturday ~ but woke up to cooler weather ~ we enjoyed coffee on the porch....
I mean ~ this view NEVER gets old.... 
After lunch we went to the shooting range and I read ~ 
Dalton watched LOTS of football while I read and enjoyed the day! He was SO sad that GA lost in the last second of the game!!! Saturday night, we watched football, ate, and got 12 hours of sleep!!! 
AMAZING what rest can do for you!!! 
We picked the kids up around 1 and headed back to the farm with them! 
Dalton and I had a great time, but I felt guilty knowing Jackson was at home and would be LIVID if he knew we were at the cabin without him ~ he LOVES it there!
He shots LOTS of turtles...
MD started studying for her exams this week! I can't believe a 9 weeks is over already! The 2nd 9 weeks is always the fastest for me!!! It'll be Christmas before we know it!!! 
We rode golf carts...
And then the 2 of us went ATM hunting ~ Anything That Moves...
We had a flat and Jax had us up and running in no time! Thankful his daddy has taught him these life skills because I know NOTHING about tires or fixing them! 
We fried shrimp and headed home to get ready for our week ~ 
I will be BUSY BUSY BUSY this week!!! 
Mary Dalton has her first round of exams and I am praying she is ready!!! 
Say a prayer for her! :) 

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