Friday, September 30, 2016

Life Lately ~

Another week is in the books! After my trip last weekend, I was so glad to be home with my people! 
We went to Augusta for lunch and then ran errands on Sunday ~ 
Those blue eyes are gonna break some hearts...
I was SUPER excited to get my tickets to Mistletoe Market!!! They sold out last year and I swore I would never miss it again! I am taking Mary Dalton with me and I can't wait to show her all the fun shopping!!!! 

I mean ~ The girl can find anything to buy....and did not know why we could not buy this....
Tuesday Jax had football ~ 
He has ONE MORE game...I will be so glad when football is over! Every night is too much ~ this mama is worn out! 
I took my chemistry class to the waste water treatment plant this week ~ This is such a cool trip!!! We watch sewage go through the process until it is drinkable ~ super neat but good night is smells AWFUL! 
We finally got the spiral staircase in the cabin this week!!! It looks great! :) 
Jackson's sub had a birthday this week and we surprised her with doughnuts! His real teacher (who has not been there all year but a day here and there) is supposed to be back 10/11. This poor class has had a TIME this year ~ he has had 10 teachers this school year. I pray that they got something consistent's been rough. 
His sweet teacher from last year took my car to her Daddy (I bought it from him) to be serviced and found MDD's bow ~ I LOVE Jessica! She is the sweetest little thing ever! We sure miss her this year! 
Dalton and I are having a weekend AWAY this weekend!!!! I have Anna Grace coming until Sunday and we can't wait for some time with just the 2 of us to catch up on things...and sleep! 

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